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Tape Transfer

Whether you like to shoot with analogue technologies (like I do) or simply have a bunch of home movies laying around, getting them digitized is a great way to protect the content.

All forms of magnetic tape have a shelf life, and they do wear down over time. As of 2020, most people's VHS home movies are 30+ years old! We have the tools to transfer VHS, Hi8, and MiniDV tape to either DVD, or HD digital files.

Our process is gentle on the tapes, and only requires one run of the tape. We can also re-case damaged VHS cassette housings, as well as restore color and sharpness in faded tape.

Have multiple tapes? Talk to us about multi tape packages!



VHS/Hi8 Tape to DVD- $25

VHS/Hi8 Tape to DVD Package- $50

VHS/Hi8 to Digital File- $20

VHS Tape Repair- Starting at $20

Multiple VHS /Hi8 Transfer- $10/Tape

Contact us with your tapes today!

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