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DI Color


Post Production Management

Tape Transfer (VHS, Hi8, MiniDV)



Commercial/Editorial Stock


Film Restoration


DI Color

Color tells the story.

No matter the genre, the colors of your image have a psychological effect on the viewer. Having your film/video professionally graded can turn any budget image, into a blockbuster image.

Our color bay features the industry standard DaVinci Resolve 16, complete with a Tangent Wave color control surface. 

Whatever your budget, we can help you achieve your vision.


Editing any project is hard work.


Whether you are spending hours, or days in the edit bay, it will eventually have stressful moments. Our goal, is to help alleviate the stresses of editing, by providing a comfortable space for our clients to relax, and focus on the task at hand.

Our editing bay features two editing monitors, and a 55 inch HD viewing monitor for our clients to assess the edits.

Our editing bay is also loaded with the latest software and editing technologies, to help you cut the film quickly and export your final cut. 

From advertisements, to weddings, to feature films... See what we can do for you!

Post Production Management

After the filming is over, and your actors and crew have moved on to their next cinematic adventures, your job is far from over. You are left with mountains of unedited footage, paperwork, and things to do.

We are here to help.

From budgeting your post crew, to establishing an efficient workflow, you can count on us to keep things on track, on budget, and on time.

T A P E  Transfer

Whether you like to shoot with analogue technologies (like I do) or simply have a bunch of home movies laying around, getting them digitized is a great way to protect the content.

All forms of magnetic tape have a shelf life, and they do wear down over time. We have the tools to transfer VHS and Hi8 tape to HD digital files, so they can be stored and viewed on your computer.


Our process is gentle on the tapes, and only requires one run of the tape. We can also re-case damaged VHS cassette housings, as well as restore color in faded tape.



The audio you captured during production might be good, but it's not great...

You need to add depth and dimension to the audio atmosphere! That is where Foley/ADR come in. Whether it is recording voice over or pickup lines, or going out in the field to record high quality sound effects. We look to the best of the best.

S C O R I N G / C O M P O S I T I O N

Great projects need great soundtracks.

From Rock, to Classical and beyond, let us help you create the perfect score for your project.

Commercial /Editorial

Stock Content

Is your project missing something? Do you have a specific shot you need, but don't have time to shoot? Check out our accounts for over 3000 stock videos and images! We can also be hired to shoot specific content. Contact us for details!

F I N I S H I N G / M I X / M A S T E R I N G / E X P O R T

The edit is complete, the fx are finalized, the project is colored... It is time for the final mastering and export!


This is the final step on your quest! The Finishing processes are needed to get your project into a deliverable format. Whether it is going to your YouTube channel, or it is going to be projected at theaters around the world, let our computers do the heavy lifting in finishing your project.

Digital Film Restoration

Our Digital Film Restoration service needs to be seen to be believed. Whether you have old home movies on VHS tape, or digitized film, we can bring it back to life like you have never seen it before!

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