Editing any project is hard work.


Whether you are spending hours, or days in the edit bay, it will eventually have some stressful moments. Our goal, is to help alleviate the stresses of editing, by providing a comfortable space for our clients to relax, and focus on the task at hand.

Our editing bay features two editing monitors, and a 55 inch HD viewing monitor for our clients to assess the edits.

Our editing bay is also loaded with the latest software and editing technologies, to help you cut the film quickly and export your final cut. 

From advertisements, to weddings, to feature films... see what we can do for you!


Rates are on a sliding scale, depending on the project.

Our general rate is $35/hour.

For larger projects, we can work out a project rate.

We also have the ability to work remotely.

Contact us and lets get to work!