Digital Intermediate


Whether you are creating the look of your film, or developing an aesthetic for your brand, our DI color services are here to help you achieve your vision!

Our Color Service


A correction pass- Preliminary correction of timeline.

A matching pass- Shot matching adjustments of timeline.

Grading- Creating the look of your film.

Final Print- Export method of your choosing


Rates are on a sliding scale, depending on the project.

Our general rate is $35/hour.

For larger projects, we can work out a project rate.

We also have the ability to work remotely.

Contact us, and let's get to work!

A B O U T  O U R  S P A C E

We are running the industry standard DaVinci Resolve 16 with a Tangent Wave control surface.

Our system is also equipped with ALL industry NLE software from Adobe, Apple and Avid.


Our Clients

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